An article tucked away on page C9 of the WaPo reports that Howard Dean’s mishaps in Iowa seem to have coalesced “to bring out the Karl Rove in many of his online supporters, who flooded his campaign with sometimes pointed advice on his next move.” “Please get a smiling, happy self depricating [sic] Governor Dean all over the airwaves as soon as possible,” wrote a Rove wannabe identified as NH Citizen urged. Reporter Brian Faler noted that that’s just what the Dean campaign has done. Though I liked “Judy Dean,” in the Diane Sawyer interview, I don’t think the whole sit down was effective. I thought she came across as the Democrat version of the wife with the adoring gaze, while Lucianne Goldberg thought more Hedda Nussbaum. I have had a hard time giving up on the dream, but something tells me that late tomorrow, after the New Hampshire primary, my co-chairperson, The Other Charlotte, and I will be forced to disband the Committee to Save Howard Dean.