All my pals have been telling me to read Wonkette, a new blog that debuted shortly after Inkwell. I tuned in yesterday, and it’s a hoot’part gossip column, part commentary. I couldn’t ascertain Wonkette’s political orientation, but I liked her. Wonkette on Madonna’s and Drew Barrymore’s endorsements of the weird general:  “What is it with these slutty blondes and Clark?” On the accuracy of the rather scurrilous Media Whores Online: “Below Drudge and above a Ouija board.” She warmed the cockles of my heart by being mean to Al Franken. (“We love his definition of freedom of speech. It goes something like this: ‘Shut the f’k up, you —hole.'”) Wonkette is even mean to children, describing a tot seen talking to General Clark as being “as sneaky and back-stabbing as Chris Lehane.” No child is THAT evil.