Readers are sending so many mash notes to The Other Charlotte–my co-blogger and co-chairperson of the Committee to Save Howard Dean–that I’m green with envy. Seriously, I regard every ounce of praise for The Other Charlotte, the queen of gossip journalism for more than a decade, as a pound of praise for me, because I’m honored to be associated with her. Here’s a sampling:


From reader C.N.:


“Charlotte Hays is right to remind Democratic nail-biters that New Hampshire polls are notoriously unreliable.”


And from (ta-dah!) Judy Bachrach:


“That Charlotte Hays is a terrific writer. Very gifted, very funny.”


The praise from Judy is extra special, because not only is she a pro in our field (she’s a veteran D.C. journalist and a contributing editor of Vanity Fair), but she’s a liberal! Read her recent book, Tina and Harry Come to America: Tina Brown, Harry Evans, and the Uses of Power, in which she takes apart onetime magazine virago and current WaPo Style section columnist Tina Brown loose screw by loose screw. And don’t forget also to read The Other Charlotte’s hilarious dissection of Tina’s thoughts (if you can call them that) today on Dem candidates’s wives (“Have YOU Overdosed on Fabulousness?,” below).