The Other Charlotte is a domestic goddess who cooks beautiful meals for her husband and lucky friends.

My specialty is Lean Cuisine. But I do feel compelled to address a domestic skills question posed by my pal, the writer Martin Wooster.

Martin writes:
“I read in NEWSWEEK that someone named Debbie Stoller has published STITCH N’BITCH:THE KNITTER?S HANDBOOK, which has “funky patterns for a skull-and-crossbones sweater and a Wonder Woman bikini” as well as a “big bad baby blanket” (presumably for hipsters who don?t want a regular baby blanket.

“The book is supposed to be for women who like knitting and purling ’to the beat of synthetic punk music and trading hunks of angora, alpaca, mohair, and even possum yarn.’

“Do you approve?

“Yours, in reaction, Martin”

Dear Martin,
These women sound like knitwits to me. If I were a knitter, I wouldn’t waste my time on skull and crossbones. I would knit a beautiful skull and bones sweater…for the president.