WASHINGTON, DC?– The Independent Women’s Forum released a report today detailing how women are routinely mischaracterized to justify the expansion of government.  
“The feminist agenda is inconsistent with independence for women,” said Carrie Lukas, Director of Policy at the Independent Women’s Forum. “In short, it is an agenda that replaces dependence on men with dependence on government.”

The report, entitled “Dependency Divas,” examines how liberal politicians and so-called feminist organizations use the assertion that women are uniquely vulnerable to advance a big government agenda to derail tax cuts, block Social Security reform, bolster support for government-controlled healthcare, implement intrusive workplace regulations, and promote countless spending initiatives. 
“Dependency Divas” includes an overview of the often insulting arguments used to justify big government policies and regulations.  It then examines the likely consequences of such policies. And it challenges the notion that women are less capable than men of prospering without government help.

“Women deserve better than the ‘Dependency Divas,'” said Lukas. “They deserve a voice that recognizes that women don’t need big government to take care of them. Women need a limited government that trusts women to control their own lives.”

The Independent Women’s Forum is committed to the equal treatment of women under the law.  IWF believes that women, like men, are best served by a government that is limited to protecting the inalienable rights of all Americans.  

“Dependency Divas” is the first in a series of papers that will seek to expose how women are used as political pawns by the advocates of big government.  This series will monitor the positions taken by candidates and policymakers to assess whether they promote women’s independence or women’s dependence. IWF will rank policymakers and candidates on a Women’s Independence Index, the results of which will be published before the 2004 election.