Republicans seem shell-shocked by the sudden emergence of John Kerry over the beloved Howard Dean. But maybe it’s not that bad…

A good way to get the phones ringing on any Boston-area radio show, reports columnist and radio personality Howie Carr, is to ask people to phone in their stories of encounters with Senator John Kerry. “Many constituents see him in person only when he is cutting in line,” writes Carr.

Seems that Kerry’s sense of privilege is something that may not play well when the public becomes acquainted with him. One of my favorite Kerry stories is about his having the city of Boston remove a fire hydrant in front of his now-mortgaged house so he could park his SUV there.

When people fail to treat him with the obligatory deference, a puzzled Kerry asks, “Do you know who I am?” And what about the notion of Kerry as the next JFK? One old Boston pol says that Kerry’s initials’JFK’remind him of something other than John F. Kennedy. JFK, he said, stands for Just for Kerry.” Read Howie’s column. All is not lost.