Just as my friends get me talked down, those same friends now need talking down: They have read Peggy Noonan on how Bush did badly in yesterday’s interview with Tim Russert.

One hates to disagree with Noonan, but I didn’t think he did badly. Sure, there were the awkward silences and fumbling over words. We forgive him for this, except for certified Bush haters. As Noonan points out, this is a guy who is not great on the “talking points.” But he made a good, sober case for the war and tax cuts. Bush is not going to win because he is a dazzler with words or looks like Abe Lincoln from Nantucket. Still, Noonan is right, though, that he needs to get on the trail and make some bang-up speeches.

PS. Fraser Seitel of Tech Central Station takes on the New York Times, Don Imus “and–of all people–Peggy Noonan” to agree with me that Bush held his own last night.