Omarosa must be stopped!

I agree with the Other Charlotte’s take on last night’s thrilling installment of The Apprentice (scroll down), the best job-training course in the land (I actually read a piece on the show as a good way to study office dynamics by a job counselor!): If I’d been Donald Trump, I’d have fired Jessie instead of Omarosa, too.

But Omarosa must be stopped! She almost was last night, but Jessie’s failure to stand up for herself and phony claim that she “liked” Omarosa, the project manager of the failed team, after the really, really nasty way O treated her, gave Omarosa another week to be a witch on national TV.

Trump’whom I heretofore regarded as a fool with bad hair’was absolutely superb in dressing down Omarosa. “You were rude’you are rude,” he said. Omarosa lives in a dream world where she is a hot shot manager, but she was caught mispronouncing Isaac Mizrahi’s name (to his face!’and caught by Carolyn, the Trump colleague who really has succeeded and who seems to believe that a modicum of professionalism is required to get the job that is the show’s prize) and she did not demonstrate managerial skills last night. But mostly, she was rude and nasty.

Next week: We’ll find out if Omarosa changes her wicked ways, if her brand of nastiness works, or if she’s voted off the island, mostly for being a witch. I’m betting it’s au reservoir, as they say in the Lucia novels, for the O.