Will the “we’re voting him because he’s electable and he’s electable because we’re voting for him” tautology carry Kerry to the finish line? Blogger John Ellis cites several reports that show by counting delegates that it’s not too late for John Edwards to become the Democratic nominee. In fact, Ellis believes that nobody is more surprised by Kerry’s big mo far than the people who actually work for him:

“It’s important to remember that Senator Kerry is viewed from within his campaign pretty much the way he is viewed by Mickey Kaus and Ellisblog,” writes Ellis. “They think he’s a stiff. They were surprised that he won Iowa (they thought the Edwards surge would catch them there) and they were amazed that he won New Hampshire more or less without a fight. And they’ve been stunned that the others have basically let him keep winning.”

Ellis opines that the moment Kerry is not seen as inevitable, he’s in trouble. Nobody really likes Kerry. Based on this perception, Ellis suggests that Kerry advisors, including Bob Shrum, not subscribing to “the Ashram principles of Democratic presidential politics,” are already cutting negative ads about Edwards who could do well in the south (or his backyard as he likes to call it).

A special note to National Review editors: Please do not do a “Nominate this man” cover on John Kerry. The stiff is preferable. But let’s just keep that our little secret.