Reader M.K. shares my acidulous views about V-Day, the rad-fems’ annual February man-hating festival (centered around Eve Ensler’s tasteless Vagina Monologues) that is now a standard item on many campus calendars (see Mailbag: Eve Ensler, Aileen Wuornos, and More, Feb. 19, and Be My V-(No, Not Valentine!), Jan. 27) :

“I read Charlotte Allen’s (excellent) comments on the V-Day. I saw on Fox News that this monstrosity was performed in a high school! They showed smiley, proud women happily uttering the c-word, taking their eight-year-old children to see the play! I would like to suggest you post the sponsors for the V-Day’s Vagina Monologues…in your web site, so women can decide if they want to tell them something or simply boycott their products, like I am doing.”

Not a bad idea, M.K. So here is a list of V-Day’s corporate sponsors, lifted straight from the official V-Day website:

Barneys New York
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Dramatists Play Service
Eileen Fisher
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Hearst Publications
Lifetime Television
Luna Bar
Marie Claire Magazine
Time Inc.
Vosges Haut Chocolat
Not Barneys New York! Such elegant clothing put to use in the service of such an inelegant cause!