IWF college program manager Kristen Hellmer was quoted at length in the Medford (Massachusetts) Transcript about the recent sex fair at Tufts University.

As the people behind Tufts’ “Sex on the Hill” sex fair and the school’s Republicans Club spar over the event, one national nonprofit is supporting the rights of all students at the school to have yet another option when it comes to sex.

Kristen Hellmer, campus programs manager for the Independent Women’s Forum in Washington, D.C., said there are always multiple sides to women’s issues, especially at college campuses. She said her organization tries to bring personal responsibility to women, foregoing the focus on women as victims and instead concentrating on their contributions.

“We just feel that not all women are represented by the feminist movement,” Hellmer said. “We just want to show there is another point of view out there.”

Hellmer, who has been working with the Republicans Club, said Tufts is just one of many college campuses where issues like the sex fair arise. She said her group’s campus program was started in order to lend more credence to the idea of going back to old-fashioned dating and building strong relationships, and skipping the promiscuous “hook up” culture.

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