Anybody stuck with getting the nightly news from one of the three big networks because they’re too cheap to pay for cable TV (me) knows that it is not morning in George Bush’s America. CBS did a series sometime back with a headline something like ‘Making Ends Meet.’ A recent immigrant, a single mother who spoke little English and was working two jobs, was chosen to personify the life of hardship faced by the average American when there is a Republican in the White House.

Some of these hard-luck stories are more strained than others. Last night one of the networks (I watch CBS and NBC, which is slightly less biased) did a story on the high cost of drugs. (Subliminal Message: George Bush is a friend of the drug companies.) One obese guy said that in order to buy his Lipitor he had to make sacrifices. He could not do some of the things his friends do. He could not go on vacations!

Inkwell hereby inaugurates a new feature: Hard Luck Stories That Do Not Make Us Cry Watch. Please send examples from the media (by clicking on Letters on our homepage) of the Dickensian lifestyles we are forced to lead when there is a Republican in the White House. We will print some of the more heart-rending.