Feminists crack me up. They love nothing more than filing suits that accuse men of violence against women. It charges their batteries.

Then they turn right around and demand the ‘right’ to place women in situations where violence against them is inevitable: military combat and football!

The Other Charlotte has written about Katie Hnida, the female football player at the University of Colorado who has made belated accusations of teammate rape.

The sad sagas of Hnida and other female athletes on male teams (now there’s an expression that’s going to light up our letters button!) is not unlike the dreadful stories of women in the military who accuse men of sexually assaulting them.

There’s a way, says columnist Terry Jeffreys, to prevent this sort of thing from happening, at least in the realm of football:

‘If the University of Colorado is serious about protecting women from violence,’ Jeffreys writes, ‘it will never again put a young lady on its football team.’

‘Clearly, the committee and the courts must pursue the truth and justice,’ Jeffreys continues. ‘But school authorities around the country should not let political correctness intimidate them from making a much-needed conclusion for football programs generally: Women should be banned from playing the game at all levels of competition.’

Ditto getting too close to the front in war.