My pals tell me I’m too worried about the upcoming election. They might be right.

Still, if they were penny pinchers who refused to get cable and thus sat through what amounts to a nightly advertisement from the Democratic National Committee to get the nightly news, they’d be seeing what I see.

The networks, at least CBS and NBC, which I watch, almost always take up the DNC line of attack. But now John Kerry’s hometown newspaper, the Boston Globe, shows why the Democrats had better start worrying:

‘If he goes on to win the White House, he will have the grandest of stages to prove, finally, that he can fight for causes other than himself,’ the Globe writes.

‘As a presidential candidate he is promising to do just that. But for much of his political career he did not show much willingness to fight for anyone but John Kerry. The key exception is his dedication to the Vietnam veterans he calls his band of brothers.

‘That is not Kerry-bashing. That is stating truth about a smart, worldly, and ambitious politician who throughout his life focused his energies on getting right where he is today: an election day away from winning the presidency of the United States.’