As the Other Charlotte has noted, Omarosa, the wicked witch of “The Apprentice,” rode off into the sunset last night prattling about “diversity” and how she fights for what she believes.

We repeatedly got a look at that belief system during most of the show’s installments: Omarosa believes primarily that she is better than everybody else and deserves special privileges.

And so I’d have to agree that, yes, she certainly fought for what she believed. But in the end it failed her.

“Omarosa has a chip on her shoulder,” Donald “You’re Fired” Trump said as she headed down to the street while Nick and Kwame took the elevator up to the suite where there was great rejoicing.

As usual, last night’s installment of “The Apprentice” was chock full of workplace do’s and don’t. The task this week: select an artist and try to peddle your choice’s work at a gallery show.

Job Tip of the Night: You’ve got to believe in what you’re selling. That’s what Trump says in a cameo in the beginning, and so you know immediately that when Kwame, the project manager of Protege, makes the decision to go with icky artist Megan solely because her work bears high prices, Protege is a goner.

“You can’t look at this from an artistic perspective,” says Heidi sagely, and wrongly.

“If we sell three to four of Megan’s works, we’re going to win,” Kwame counters. They sold one.

Kwame, a mild-mannered Clark Kent, saves himself in the board room by fessing up and taking responsibility. Nicely. Without breastbeating. Kwame says it was a risk that failed. Trump liked that. Papa Trump said he’d been known to take risks.

Prediction: The winner of the $250,000 a year job with a Trump company will be a guy. No, there’s no glass ceiling. They simply bicker less. Based on “The Apprentice,” they also cry less.

I had expected that Trump might not fire Omarosa last night because she has become a national hate object and is possibly good for the show’s ratings. But I guess he didn’t want to risk having to hire her.

And there’s a hint that the drama will continue.

We’re teased with the title of the next episode: “Don’t Cross Carolyn.”

Fox-featured Carolyn is a Trump exec who, apparently, really has made it in the Trump corporate world. You can’t imagine her having to have her language bleeped in a corporate setting, as is the case with the aspiring gals of “The Apprentice.”

Bye bye, Omarosa.

Hello, Carolyn.

I can’t wait.