John Kerry is a weak candidate.

But it’s mainly the Democrats who seem to know this at this point.

Marjorie Williams’s column in Sunday’s WaPo nailed Kerry brilliantly. It was headlined “Win One for the Flipper.”

It is a must-read.

Writes Williams:
“….I’ve labored to turn my eyes from his [Kerry’s] career-long opportunism, the knowledge that Bay State political junkies trade their favorite Kerry flip-flops like baseball cards.

“Bush is already having fun with Kerry’s zigzags of the past three years alone: Kerry voted for so many of Bush’s major initiatives that in order to disown them now he can only argue that they were wrongly or dishonestly ‘implemented.’

“This amounts to a confession that his opponent made a chump of him for the past three years. In fact, one might argue that Kerry is a poster boy for all the ways in which congressional Democrats have allowed themselves to be rolled by the Bush administration.

“But this is something I am trying hard not to notice about him.”