Anne Morse’s article Mothers Against Tolerating Terror, available on the IWF home page, has drawn a large and sympathetic response from InkWell readers. Anne points out that a sizeable bloc of America’s female electorate consists of “Security Moms”–she’s one herself–who want their kids to grow up free from terrorist attacks and will vote for macho politicians who promise to go all out to make our nation secure. Anne’s article clearly hit a nerve. Here’s a sample of the appreciative letters we’ve received from female readers:

A.D. writes:

“THANK YOU for the article about Security Moms by Anne Morse. She PERFECTLY described how I feel–and I’m not even a mom. I wish every politican would read it–and act. Then we might be safer.”

Another reader, who identifies herself only as “Sharon,” writes:

“Thank you for your article on Security Moms. I was beginning to think I was the only one.”

Reader G.T. points out that being a Security Mom–or Dad–would be a lot easier without the restrictive gun control laws that penalize parents for trying to protect their homes:

“Re: your Anne Morse article of 03/04/2004: What are the ‘gun control’ laws in Maryland [where Anne lives]? Are you allowed to purchase, and legally carry, firearms? If so, great! If not, do you think you are being as effective a ‘Security Mom’ as you could? Also, does your ‘macho man/Will Kane’ husband have the right to keep and bear arms for his and your protection? Just a thought.”

I don’t know about Maryland, G.T., but I do know that the District of Columbia, where The Other Charlotte and I live, bans the possession of nearly all firearms. As might be expected in a jurisdiction that advertises the inability of its law-abiding residents to protect themselves, we have one of the highest gun-related homicide rates in the nation.

Finally, here’s a fan letter for Anne from a guy, R.B., who describes himself as a “father and grandfather”:

“How refreshing! Women who indeed think with their brains….Let me quickly add that we have six granddaughters and another on the way. I am delighted that most of them can bait a hook with grandpa, throw a ball correctly and run like the wind; they can also wrap him around their little fingers. You see, they are feminine too–not feminist, well, you get the picture. Their parents and grandparents are also teaching them to use their brains to reason with. Maybe things will change–one granddaughter at a time.”

That’s what we’re hoping for here at the IWF, too.