‘We’ll all sleep better now, feeling safe and secure in our beds (with or without flowered sheets). The feds are finally getting Martha Stewart off the streets.’

That’s how Washington Times editor Wesley Pruden begins his hilarious column on the Martha Stewart trial and verdict.

But Pruden also notes the most disturbing aspect of the verdict: If you listen to juror Chappelle ‘Motor Mouth’ Hartridge, you know that the verdict was envy-driven.

(Oh, yes, and lousy defense team-driven.)

On envy, Pruden notes: 

‘We’ve always taken a certain pride in the proposition that in America, class doesn’t count, that we look out for the poor but don’t begrudge the rich their wealth. We look to them as an example of how to make it to a million-dollar mansion on Coffee Pot Lane. Recent decades of class warfare, abetted by the rich, the pampered and the celebrated who play at populism, have changed that. Greed has replaced religion as the national religion, and with greed comes envy.’