Did you think for one minute that last week’s media darlings — the 9/11 kin who rushed to the microphone to express outrage over the Bush campaign’s alleged exploitation of the tragedy — were just ordinary relatives?

The New York Post may have been the first media organization to smell a rat and employ the term ‘manufactured rage.’

Today Opinion Journal tells us more about one group behind the group that attacked the Bush campaign ads:

‘Consider the benignly named September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. The group has been loudly protesting Mr. Bush’s ads, organizing a rally for ‘victims’ families and firefighters’ to condemn the President’s ‘offensive exploitation’ of September 11. Peaceful Tomorrows says its goal is to ‘turn our grief into action for peace.’ In the Washington Post’s coverage this group is ‘nonpartisan.’ If so, nonpartisan has lost its meaning.’

You should read the whole editorial to find out who these good folks really are. I don’t think you’ll find out in the New York Times.

Instapundit is a good place to look for a round up of tidbits about these loquacious bereaved.

I haven’t verified the allegation, but I’m going to pass along Instapundit’s intriguing quote from something called The Bidinotto Blog:

‘It also turns out that those anti-Bush ‘9/11 families’ number only about 120 out of 3,000 victim families — and that they’re all part of an organized anti-Bush, anti-war organization, ‘September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.’ And it further turns out that this group, just coincidentally, also happens to be a project of an organization that gets major funding from the Heinz foundations.’