The carnage in Madrid is unbelievably shocking. It’s hard to think of anything to say beyond sorrow for the killed and injured in a country that has helped America in the great moral issue of our day: defeating such villainous terror.

I simply defer to Andrew Sullivan’s apt remarks on this latest manifestation evil in the world:

“Somehow this evil puts everything else in perspective, doesn’t it? If it is the beginning of an Islamist terror campaign throughout Europe, then we will witness a cultural and military war on that continent not seen since the last world war. We can only hope it won’t transpire, that we have managed to keep al Qaeda at bay. But if it does, we can equally hope that the democratic nations of Europe will begin to realize what Tony Blair and George Bush have been warning about for so long. The enemy is clear. The question is not whether it will strike, but whether the West can strike back and decisively defang and defeat it. It’s up to Europe now. Maybe now they’ll get it.”