Reader E.S. writes:

“Charlotte Allen made a crucial mistake in her blog posting about The Apprentice [See “The Apprentice”: The New Omarosa, March 12]. It was Amy [Henry], not Bill [Rancic], who came up with the winning idea about getting paid advertisements for the bikes. Bill was just savvy enough to see the potential.”

You’re absolutely right, E.S., and I stand corrected. Amy’s got brains as well as beauty.  Indeed, I’m willing to stake lunch on the fiendishly clever Amy’s being the sole “Apprentice” female to make it to the final round, and perhaps even to win that $250,000-a-year slot as Donald Trump’s amanuensis. Both the Versacorp and Protege teams on NBC’s Thursday biz-reality show covet Amy’s presence, and The Donald has already ragged them, “Why don’t I just go ahead and hire Amy right now?” Stay tuned.

And for a bonus, E.S., here’s some skinny from WaPo Magazine writer Hank Steuver on Trump’s hilarious hair.