One of Inkwell’s favorite soul sisters, Myrna Blyth, the former Ladies Home Journal editor who has all the chic spots in New York atwitter about her perfidy (e.g., her wonderful new book Spinsisters),had a piece in the New York Post on how the claque will cover the coming presidential election.

We’ve posted the piece on our homepage, but here’s an appetizer:

“Conversation at Michael’s, the restaurant of choice for New York’s media mavens, will soon be punctuated with angst-filled girlish chatter about how desperately the nation needs John Kerry and how dreadful that awful Bush truly is. Yes, it’s that time when women’s magazines and the Spin Sisters who edit them put aside any pretense of objectivity and let their liberal instincts run amok.

“Vogue (and Harper’s Bazaar, no doubt) are already dreaming of post-election stories about Teresa Heinz Kerry’s chic European style. With her clothes budget rivaling the GDP of most Third World countries and her taste for Chanel couture, I can see the cover blurbs already: ‘Teresa — the New Jackie?’ White House Style: It’s Back!'”