Fired wicked witch of ‘The Apprentice’ Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth has played the race card.

We should have seen this coming.

Omarosa–whose chip on her shoulder was so big it should have given her lopsided anatomy–says hapless Ereka Vetrini used the n-word. Vetrini has said denied this, and Donald Trump, who gets to fire somebody almost every week, and the producers, noting that the contestants are constantly being filmed, even in their hotel suites, have also said it just didn’t happen.

Despite her on-camera rudeness, meanness (there’s no other way to put it), and unsubtle malingering, Omarosa has become a celebrity in some circles.

Here’s MSNBC’s account of her heroine’s welcome at a party hosted by Ebony magazine:

‘Manigault-Stallworth, a guest, received hugs, kisses and requests for photos at the fifth annual event, which honors outstanding women in marketing and communications.

‘Among the honorees were CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver, BET Nightly News anchor Jacque Reid and television producer Suzanne de Passe.’

As an Apprentice addict, I have to say that Omarosa is the person on this planet with whom I’d least like to work. She’s so rude that The Donald actually fired one woman for saying she ‘liked’ Omarosa after the way Omarosa had treated her.

The Donald knew that this gal was either stupid or lying. So she went down to the street, while Omarosa went up to the suite–but not for long.

It was Omarosa’s laziness that finally did her in–she had been hit on the head with a bit of plaster which prevented her from working but not from shooting hoops with the neighborhood kids.

Last night, in a sort of wrap-up of the action so far, taking a breather before the next firing, Trump showed some outtakes from previous shows, including footage involving Omarosa’s ‘injury.’

She was seen by a doctor and then insisted on being taken to a hospital where doctors could find nothing terribly wrong and refused to admit her.

That guests at an Ebony party, guests who presumably have worked very hard to get where they are, embrace this kind of behavior is infuriating.

But it says something scary about our society: Playing the race card is highly effective.

Omarosa, by the way, is lobbying for a talk show of her own.