I promise this will never happen again.

But I agree with NOW about something: the dotty potty plans of Virgin Atlantic airlines.

While (possibly unlike NOW) I defend the airlines’ right to have yucky urinals, I am glad that, on further thought, the airline decided not to go ahead with plans to install urinals shaped like a woman’s mouth in their newly opened clubhouse at JFK International in New York.

NOW launched a successful campaign against the urinals. “This is an example of women banding together to make a change’standing up for ourselves, our daughters, and our dignity,” said NOW’s Kim Gandy.

Standing up for ourselves? Yikes. The issue is fraught with opportunities for unintended humor. I’m not sure this is an important instance of “women banding together to make a change.”

But I’d hate to be stranded in a Virgin Atlantic clubhouse.

The sexy company issued this defense of the prurient pots:

“The urinals were intended to be one of the more fun and quirky features of the new JFK Clubhouse, a project overseen by Virgin’s in-house design team led by two female designers. The urinals themselves were the idea of a female designer and we were therefore surprised by the reaction.”

Were the female designers from “The Apprentice”?