They’re irresistible: photos of Sunday’s anti-war, anti-Bush demonstrations in San Francisco! The protesters were of course marking the first anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and pining for the return of fave-butcher Saddam Hussein.  The prizewinning photo, to be found on James Lileks’ wonderful Bleat, is the shot of the demonstrators carrying the big sign reading, “I Love New York Even More Without the World Trade Center.” Yes! We love mass-murderers! As Lileks puts it, the protesters were “expressing their outrage at the loss of an ally in the war against America.”

But there’s lots, lots more, on this web-page (links supplied by Lileks and Little Green Footballs). Don’t miss the Palestinian-wear fashion show and the gallery of Idiots, Useful, Useless, and Beyond. And of course there’s the Death to America poster and the Marxist brigade. Communism lives! And yes, G.W. Bush and his CIA and Mossad buddies deliberately engineered 9/11