Oh, Gawd, he’s baaack from Idaho and he’s already on the warpath…against George Bush’s jokes at the Radio and Television Correspondent’s Association Dinner.

Yep, John Kerry is indignant as only John Kerry can be about President Bush’s self-mocking and gracious jokes about the failure to find WMDs in Iraq. (‘This cheapens the sacrifice that American soldiers and their families are dealing with every single day'” the Kerry statement said.)

I was at the dinner (with a bunch of my colleagues from IWF) and found Bush’s jokes funny and graceful (see ‘The entertaining Mr. Bush’ below). I even speculated on how Kerry would have handled the evening and guessed that he wouldn’t be nearly as appealing as Bush.

If an after dinner speaker makes a blooper, no matter how polite people are, you can feel it in the room. This was hardly Bush country, and yet there was no hint that the president had made a misstep.

Micky Kaus of kausfiles seems to agree that Kerry’s response’which he calls a ‘100 % posturing condemnation”was the real bad joke.

‘I  was seated next to two soldiers who’d returned injured from Iraq and were being treated at Walter Reed hospital,’ notes Kaus. ‘If I’d known Bush’s joke was going to be a major object of puffed-up outrage, I would have monitored their reactions closely. But I didn’t. They certainly didn’t register any audible displeasure. …

‘The soldier sitting closest to me clearly liked Bush, perhaps because he had just seen the president, in person, for the third time. Apparently, Bush pays regular visits to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. Did you know that? I didn’t.’