Speaking of out-of-touch liberals, they continue to hyperventilate about Myrna Blyth’s new book, Spinsisters, which blows the whistle on Katie and Diane and all the other gals.

Writing about the furor over Blyth’s book, the Weekly Standard’s Noemie Emery has a lot to say on say about the gulf that separates the spinsisters and all us other sisters. I can’t link to the article, because it’s subscribers-only, but here’s a tasty morsel to chew on today: 

“…polls show that majorities of white women and married women (presumably the bulk of the magazine’s audience) supported the Contract With America and the Republican Congress that came in the 1994 midterm elections. The Spin Sisters, by contrast, went into a spasm: “Listening to the wailing and keening, . . . you’d have thought Lucifer himself had been elected,” Blyth says. She recalls a trip to Washington with three other editors, made at the behest of Hillary Clinton, at which they ‘proceeded to trash Newt Gingrich and his vote-winning Contract . . . agreeing it was just a dumb PR stunt to lure gullible voters, . . . especially enraged that the Contract endorsed prayer in schools.” (They were stunned when their cab driver said he agreed with it, and they concluded the fool had been duped.)

“But this is a good example of the respect with which they view a large part of the national public. “We have trouble with religious hicks,” an unnamed television producer told Blyth. “We have problems with  
using hicks. Unless it’s after a tornado in a trailer park, and she’s crying about the Tupperware blowing away.” This attitude informs the content of the morning and magazine television programs, on which Katie, Diane, Barbara, and others express themselves not quite as brashly as Glamour, but to much the same end.”