Janet Jackson has been more than happy to use her Super Bowl breast-baring 15 minutes of fame to get onto the chat shows and promote herself and her new CD–but when somebody actually asks Janet about her now-famous nipple, she Gets All Huffy and tries to change the subject. Fortunately, during her appearance on Letterman last night, neither Dave nor the studio audience was having any of it. Here’s an excerpt from Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes’s delicious report:

“Jackson acted annoyed and put-upon each time Letterman tried to get at the nub of the Super Bowl show ’wardrobe malfunction.’

“‘I don’t want to relive any of that,’ Jackson responded peevishly. ‘I want to put that behind me.’

“‘Well, not me,’ responded Letterman. ‘Just indulge me; I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.’

“When Jackson demanded that he ‘ask me about something else,’ complaining that ‘I’ve had a day of interviews,’ the audience began to boo her.”

De Moraes reports that Nancy O’Dell of Access Hollywood also asked Janet about the Super Bowl incident in an interview to be televised today. Janet responded (says de Moraes):

“‘I think there are more important things going on in the world. There is war, hunger, the homeless and AIDS.'”

De Moraes reports that Janet tried out the same line on Letterman last night:
“‘I know you don’t mean that,’ Letterman shot back.

“We love David Letterman.”