WASHINGTON, DC — The Independent Women’s Forum today is criticizing a new report by the National Women’s Law Center, which calls for a massive expansion of government. The report, entitled “Slip-Sliding Away,” criticizes Bush administration policies on everything from tax cuts to school choice and calls for a slew of new government giveaways as the cure-all for women.

“The unstated premise of this report is that women are helpless and need the government to take care of them,” said Carrie Lukas, director of policy at IWF. “The report unfairly disparages the administration’s efforts to give individuals more control over their lives, whether through tax cuts, school choice, or proposals to add private accounts to a failing Social Security system.”

“The NWLC agenda consists of costly new regulations on business, greater government bureaucracies and programs, and higher taxes,” said Lukas. “This is not an agenda that benefits anyone, particularly women.”

In January, the Independent Women’s Forum published Agenda for Women 2004. This pro-freedom plan calls for reducing the heavy burden on American taxpayers, reforming Social Security to include personal accounts, easing regulations on business in order to provide women greater flexibility at work, and expanding school choice. The report is available below.

“The dependency divas at the National Women’s Law Center are out of touch with American women today,” said Lukas. “Women don’t need — and aren’t calling for — big government to care for them. They instead want politicians who trust women to make their own choices.”