An article on Frontpage argues that the reason authors Tammy Bruce and Myrna Blyth have hit home with so many female readers is that both expose feminist myths.

Blyth, of course, is the author of Spin Sisters, which deals with women in the media, and Bruce is author, most recently, of The Death of Right and Wrong.

Headlined “Exposing Feminist Fibs,” the article notes that the biggest fib of all is that we’re victims. Neither Blyth nor Bruce regard women as victims.

A few nuggets:

“A friend asked me to explain why conservatives were embracing Tammy Bruce, who, despite her expos’ of the Left, still held beliefs that were not in keeping with some conservative policies or beliefs. I thought about it for one minute and responded that there are two reasons we love Tammy. The first, she gave us an insider’s report of the Left and confirmed things that we either knew were going on, or suspected were going on. The second reason I offered was more important. Tammy Bruce stood up and declared, “I am not a victim, and I am tired of being told that I am.” When boiled down to the bone, conservatism is really about disavowing victimhood, and we welcome Bruce on that core level.”

Frontpage is particularly good on Blyth’s explanation of how the Spin Sisters defend their support of certain causes:

“[M]embers of the women’s media do chose to support liberal organizations, and then try to backtrack and say they are neutral when that contribution is made public. For example, Hearst magazines, the owner of numerous fashion mags, supports many feminist organizations including the National Organization for Women, and Diane Sawyer is a supporter of the Ms. Foundation. But the board of Hearst and Diane would both attest that they are not biased because of that support. Blyth points out that these groups say that by supporting them, you are supporting “women and their issues.” But the truth is, that support is only about some women and some issues, a distinction lost on a left-leaning Spin Sister who can’t imagine that all women don’t think like she does.”