Can you imagine angry Britons who lost family members to the Luftwaffe’s fierce bombing blaming Winston Churchill?

Practically calling him a murderer?

While we would like to see the widows who lost their husbands on 9/11 as heroines, some of them have become quite insufferable.

Instead of blaming murderous Islamic fanatics for the deaths of their husbands, these publicity-magnet survivors blame…George W. Bush.

A courageous piece in today’s Wall Street Journal by Dorothy Rabinowitz shows how this “group of victims has become arbiter — and inquisitor — in a national debate.”

Led by a fearsome foursome, the “The Jersey Girls,” as they are known, are credited with bringing about the 9/11 Commission.

One of them is Kristin Breitweiser — surely, you’ve seen her on Hardball? — who has said, “Three thousand people were murdered on George Bush’s watch.”

Writes Rabinowitz:

“A fair number of the Americans not working for the media may, on the other hand, by now be experiencing Jersey Girls Fatigue — or taking a hard look at the pronouncements of the widows. Statements like that of Monica Gabrielle, for example (not one of the Jersey Girls, though an activist of similar persuasion), who declared that she could discern no attempt to lessen the casualties on Sept. 11. What can one make of such a description of the day that saw firefighters by the hundreds lose their lives in valiant attempts to bring people to safety from the burning floors of the World Trade Center — that saw deeds like that of Morgan Stanley’s security chief, Rick Rescorla, who escorted 2,700 employees safely out of the South Tower, before he finally lost his life?”

Oh, yes — and Ms. Breitweiser feels that the FAA should have issued warning that flying was dangerous. “[H]ow many victims would have taken notice of these Middle Eastern men while they were boarding their plane?” she asks. “Could these men have been stopped?”

Writes Rabinowitz:

“A good question. One can only imagine how a broadcast warning, ‘Watch out for Middle Eastern men in line near you, as you board your flight,’ would  have gone down in those quarters of the culture daily worried to death about the alleged threat to civil rights posed by profiling and similar steps to weed out terrorists.”

(PS: Dorothy Rabinowitz’s brilliant piece points up just a few of the many disturbing indications of just how partisan the 9/11 commission has become. 

If you share IWF’s concern about this, please go to our homepage and read about our call for a nonpartisan 9/11 commission. You might even want to sign our petition.)