The Other Charlotte and I have been blogging quite a bit lately about the pathology of a 9/11 commission that is behaving as if it were (hmmmm…do I really need the subjunctive here?) an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

Peggy Noonan feels that the hostile questions of an obviously partisan press may actually have helped President Bush.

I’m not sure. When you are incessantly asking somebody to apologize, you send the message that they own an apology.

But Peggy is optimistic. She notes that, after his excellent talk, the president began to ramble a bit:

“But,” writes Noonan, “here the press came to his rescue, and God bless them. They are so clearly carrying water for the left-liberal establishment, they were so clearly carrying water for the preening and partisan hacks who dominate the 9/11 commission, and the Washington Post’s coverage of the news conference yesterday morning was so clearly teeing up Bob Woodward’s next book, that the media nullified their hostility. They could have done some damage to the president with a grave and honest spirit of inquiry.”

If you had hoped for a 9/11 commission that would act in an honest spirit of inquiry, you might want to go to the IWF homepage and consider putting your cyber John Hancock on our petition for a nonpartisan 9/11 commission.