Condi Rice move over…Janet Reno, that well-known fashion plate, has won kudos from Washington Post fashion reporter Robin Givhan.

“Human nature typically causes folks to take a few extra moments in front of the mirror when they know they are going to spend a large part of their day being interrogated under oath in front of an audience,” Givhan writes.

But not Janet…

Why Janet didn’t even take a few moments before giving the order to’no, stop me, the topic today is Janet’s fashion-sense….

“Condoleeza Rice’s flip seemed hewn from granite, and Louis Freeh’s ’Untouchables’ crew cut looked freshly buzzed…But on Tuesday, former attorney general Janet Reno interrupted the procession of please-trust-me-nattiness when she appeared in the sartorial equivalent of a shrug.

“’Think what you will,’ said her shapeless dark jacket and matching skirt of unfashionable length. Here was a witness whose attire suggested a willful refusal to be judged….”

You can’t make this stuff up…