Children watching 60 Minutes might have been scared out of their wits had had Mike Wallace’s Botoxed old face actually crumbled on camera, as appeared likely during several disquieting moments last night (see below).

But now Inkwell has heard about something even more frightening that allegedly has befallen a tot: being kidnapped by Elizabeth Taylor.

I think it is the Botox theme that unites these two disparate items in Inkwell’s mind.

But here’s the alleged 411:

According to Glenn Sacks, the radio-show host and fathers’ rights advocate, Thomas McKeown, Taylor’s son-in-law and the estranged husband of Maria Burton, Taylor’s daughter with Richard Burton, is saying that Taylor conspired with Burton to abduct the couple’s two-year-old son.

Like Dick Cheney, the boy is reportedly at an undisclosed location.

Sacks’s report — which is also posted on the indispensable ifeminist site — goes on:

“McKeown has been arrested twice for violating the order in efforts to “find out where my son was, who was caring for him, and find out about his well-being.” According to Taylor’s representatives, the boy is being held at an undisclosed location near Taylor’s Bel Air mansion in the Los Angeles area. McKeown says he is preparing to file kidnapping charges against the wealthy 72 year-old actress.

‘Restraining orders based on vague accusations of “emotional abuse” or spurious domestic violence charges are a weapon commonly used by mothers to drive fathers out of their children’s lives. Mike McCormick, Executive Director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, is helping McKeown fight to get his son back.’

Joking aside, it’s impossible to know, at this point, who’s right and who’s wrong.

But Inkwell fears that, if she were young McKeown, she might want to take a leaf out of ex-Liz hubby and former stepdad Larry Fortensky’s book:

Flee, flee for your life.