Have you ever seen such a piling on?

Yet Bush not only keeps on ticking — the polls show the president is actually doing a little better since the 9/11 commission brought the circus to town.

A new Gallup CNN poll has the president up by 6 points in a three-way race that includes Ralph Nader and by 5 points in a two-man race with only John Kerry.

And this morning the Washington Post?s Rick Morin and Dan Balz report that, according to a new ABC-Washington Post poll, Bush now “holds significant advantages over John F. Kerry in public perceptions of who is better equipped to deal with Iraq and the war on terrorism, and he has reduced the advantages his Democratic challenger held last month on many domestic issues.”

What gives?

The public simply sees through the antics of the apology demanding press, the (fake) apology delivering Richard Clarke and other Bush-attackers such as the apology owing Jamie Gorelick.

With enemies like these, who needs friends?