An Inkwell reader, L.P., writes:
“It is completely repulsive that you would use this sort of forum as a trojan horse for your more base political purposes. Left to your own devices, you would try to convince women that they are more powerful barefoot, pregnant and tied to the stove. I’m amazed you don’t have Ann Coulter’s ‘seal of approval’ on this site…”

Dear L:

You’ve got us all wrong.
We urge all pregnant women to wear shoes. It’s Inkwell policy.
As for being “tied to the stove,” well, you got us there. Half-way.

The other Charlotte, my co-blogger, is a fabulous cook.

She is often tied to the stove, but not nearly enough to suit her husband and hungry friends.

As for me, I can barely boil water.

But I do go barefoot, difficult in my urban neighborhood. I do it for all the pregnant women who must suffer the temporary confinement of footwear.

Welcome though any classical reference is in these fallen times, the Trojan Horse one isn’t quite apt. 

Unlike the Greeks bearing gifts, we don’t try to sneak in our opinions. If anything, we’re more likely to be accused of being battering rams than Trojan Horses.

But we’re intrigued by the idea of asking Ann Coulter–another battering ram!–to give us her seal of approval.

Should it be called Blue Dress Seal of Approval?