Here’s a nugget from the WeNews (women’s enews) report on Sunday’s march:

‘While avoiding partisan politics, one speaker after the next warned that the anti-choice leaders who control the White House and Congress will pay a political price in this fall’s elections for restricting the access of women in the United States and around the globe to abortion and reproductive health services’.’

Well, I’m not sure that ‘warning’ the ‘anti-choice’ leaders who ‘control the White House and Congress’ that they will ‘pay a political price’ is exactly ‘avoiding partisan politics.’

Be that as it may, I think the real message of the march is that cultural issues will be important come the fall. The valley is wide and the river is deep.

As much as anything, the women who marched Sunday were marching not just for ‘safe and legal’ abortion but also for their class affiliation. They are, or would like to be, products of good northeastern schools. They have done well, despite what they believe is widespread sexism in the work place. They are quite like the reporters who cover them.

Quite unlike the reporter who covered him today in the WaPo is Britton Stein of Sugar Land, Tex. The culture war, the voting in November, and the divide in our society’all come down to the chasm that separates Stein, profiled as ‘a conservative,’ and the women who marched yesterday in Washington.

Mr. Stein is a landscaper who ‘lives in a house with six guns in the closet and 21 crosses in the main hallway’.His three daughters aren’t embarrassed when he kisses them on their cheeks”

If this isn’t weird enough, there’s more.

It’s interesting to note what David Finkel, a star feature writer, who no doubt went to Abercrombie and purchased a safari suit before heading to Sugar Land, picks as noteworthy about the strange, exotic Mr. Stein:

‘He has a pickup truck that he has filled with water for the Fourth of July parade, driving splashing kids around a community where Boy Scouts plant American flags in the yards. His truck is a Chevy. His beer is Bud Light. His savior is Jesus.’

This, gentle reader, is the sort of person the media elite regards as scaaaary.