We at the IWF take no official position on abortion, and we welcome both pro-choice and pro-life women into our ranks. The Other Charlotte and I remain convinced, however, that the real topic of  Sunday’s march in Washington was not abortion but  getting rid of George W. Bush. I’ve finally found some photos of the march on fellow blogger Bunny Diehl’s WorldMag webpage (thanks, Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online, for the link). Check these pix out after scrolling down to April 26, and you can see for yourself what TOC and I saw with our own eyes on Sunday. It was Rad-Fems for Kerry all the way (and you’ll also see that I wasn’t kidding when I wrote yesterday that these were some ugly wimmin).

Note, in particular: a) the John Kerry sticker slapped onto this Medical Students for Choice picket (and take a gander at the med student holding the sign: would you want her to perform your abortion?); b) this picket: “Keep Bush’s Hands Out of My Pants”; c) this additional bit of anti-Bush nastiness; and d) this one. While you’re at it, check out all the PC paraphernalia to be found elsewhere among the demonstrators: “sex worker” T-shirts, Palestinian-style face-wraps, and the like.

These women are for choice, all right–but not when it comes to shoving PC claptrap down people’s throats. In a sense, the march was a good thing; it showed us graphically whom the Kerry crowd actually consists of.