Please don’t miss today’s surreal Tina Brown column in the Washington Post’it’s about ‘a surreal moment’ that takes place at ‘a serious Manhattan dinner party.’

The ‘surreal moment’ comes when the waiter reveals to ’12 power players who had all been talking about the mess in Iraq’ that he is voting for Bush. He admits that he lives in the suburbs; the startling revelation is made shortly after he has served ‘the coconut cake with lemon dessert.’

The 12 power players couldn’t have been more stunned–The title is “Taking the GOP Bait, Hook, Line and Stinker.” ‘It was as if the waiter was [sic] a plant from the Bush campaign, diverting attention at a critical moment, just as he was supposed to,’ writes Brown.
As a rule I deplore class warfare. It’s a form of envy, the least pleasurable of sins, and in the past it has led to the destruction of beautuful palaces and many other pretty things.

But this year, class warfare is turning out to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

It’s class affiliation that makes Ms. Brown and her 12 power twits so hate George Bush and so love John Kerry. Bush could belong to their class (though he hails from an older, less flashy class that is no longer as powerful as it once was), but he refuses to wear the right ideas.

Rejection makes them crazy.