“Bush Cuts Deal With 9/11 Panel, Betrays Cheney: ‘It Was Dick’s Fault'”

So Scott Ott, whose satiric Scrappleface is one of the best blogs in the ‘sphere, headlines his parody of a New York Times 9/11 story for the Weekly Standard’s website today. Ott’s hilarious take on Times style (and political fixations) has President G.W. Bush reaching an agreement with the panel in exchange for pointing the finger of blame squarely at Vice President Richard Cheney:
“‘I told Dick it was nothing personal, but one of us was going down and it sure wasn’t going to be me.'”

The parody-affidavit has Cheney knowing full well that Osama bin Ladin’s terrorists planned to crash commercial airliners into buildings on Sept. 11, 2001, but did nothing to stop it because it was a good way for Cheney to get hold of Al Qaeda’s oil. But wait! Isn’t that what most liberals believe in all seriousness about Bush, Cheney, and 9/11?