After a moment of mirth at the expense of John Kerry (scroll down for ‘Getting in Touch with his Inner Ventriloquist’s Dummy”), it’s time to return to the grim reality of Iraq and the Bush administration disastrous retreat from Fallujah.

As usual, Max Boot sums up the situation in Iraq best:  

‘The most remarked-upon pictures were those depicting sadistic abuses at Abu Ghraib prison. People all over the world who barely noticed Saddam Hussein’s far greater barbarism are twisting themselves into paroxysms of rage over the actions of a handful of Americans. Less discussed, but just as harmful, were the photos of Marines turning Fallouja over to a symbol of the ancient regime ‘ a former Republican Guard general who, with his green uniform, beefy build and bushy mustache, looked like a Hussein clone. The former images signal to Iraqis (and the rest of the Arab world) that the Americans are hopelessly depraved, the latter that they are fatally weak. It is hard to think of a more debilitating one-two punch.’