We, the two Charlottes of InkWell, just love it that the left hates us–and, best of all, lets us know about it. So hats off to a Salon magazine-sponsored blog, World O’ C**p, which gives us this kudos (scroll down to “When Women Get Snippy”):

“A site which bears watching — but only by trained professionals from blogs like this one.  You could lose an eye if you read this kind of stuff without proper gear.”

Couldn’t come from a nicer guy (or gal).

A word of caution: World O’, like so many others, has trouble telling the two Charlottes apart and hence gets our bios mixed up, attributing many things that I’ve written and/or edited to The Other Charlotte and vice versa. World O’s main beef seems to be my post noting that the March for Women’s Lives on April 24 wasn’t so much about abortion as about not re-electing President George W. Bush (see Pix From Sunday’s Bush-Bashing March, April 27). I took note of the fact that the vast majority of the demonstrators wore “Women for Kerry” signs, and that many other signs had nasty things to say about Dubya. I also couldn’t help but notice that the march seemed to be chiefly staffed by elderly Birkenstock-shod rad-fems whose extremist appearance tended to match the extremist sentiments expressed on their signs. And I have the photos to prove it! Click here for Kerry-boosting and here and here for gross anti-Bush stuff (all from Bunnie Diehl’s WorldMag blog). Tellingly, World O’ doesn’t contest my characterization of the march. How could he/she? the pictures provide the conclusive proof.

But World O’ does have this to say about TOC and me:

“The blog is run by the Charlotte twins: Charlotte Hays and Charlotte Allen.  Despite an illustration at the top of the page which suggests a teenaged Wonkette with attitude,  the Charlottes have apparently been around for a while.”

Yes, we have been around forever. But let me assure you, World O’, that both TOC and I look exactly like the glamorous blonde on our site’s logo. We are the Olsen twins of the blogosphere.