The Starr report was a great read–a plot, sex, and a novelistic style. I loved it! But I can’t imagine that the 9/11 commission report will be as readable. Still, for those who haven’t had enough of the preening, posturing and pontificating of the commissioners, The New York Times reports today that the commission has reached “an unusual” agreement with W. W. Norton & Company, the publishing house, to turn the commission’s report into a book. Adding to the good news, it’ll be out in late July, not to late to read on the beach.

Even presumed fans of the partisan commission seem to be shocked by the secrecy (!) with which the deal was concluded.  Publishing executives told the New York Times that they could not recall a similar arrangement “in which a high-profile federal commission turned over the work of its investigators to an outside publisher before public release.”

Sounds like a dispiriting read, though I can see it being lugged to beaches all over America–or at least the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vinyard. Maybe not on the Redneck Riviera, though.