Yesterday reader T.J., age 19, e-mailed to complain that her “guy friend,” despite thinking her “witty, beautiful, sophisticated, and sexually astute,” seemed to be mostly interested for the sexually astute aspect, whereas he treated her friend, a virgin, “like a goddess.” I speculated that in the long run it’s better for a gal to be more like Jessica Simpson than Jessica Cutler. (See Virgins Have More Fun, May 26.)

Now reader L.A.M. offers her own thoughts on the subject:  

“T.J.’s ‘guy friend’ may think she is witty and beautiful, but sophisticated? I would bet that he brags to his friends about nailing her. I’ve been around a lot of guys all my life, and that’s about par for the course. Consider people’s amusement at the expense of women like Monica Lewinsky, Madonna, and Britney Spears. It isn’t jealousy, either.”

No, I think the jealousy works the other way around. As even Jessica Cutler put it in that blog that made her famous:

“I really just want to be a Jewish housewife with a big rock on my finger.”

In fact, while most of the pundits have been clucking over Jessica C.’s shamelessness about bedding six guys at once or trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious “F” (the Bush bigwig who she says paid her $400 for a nooner), I couldn’t help but notice a barely concealed yearning for domesticity in her blog: the decorating job on her apartment, the blender F gave her as a love-gift. And she writes this:

“If you’re like me and you’re decorating a new apartment (because your boyfriend kicked you out), you need to stop hatin’ on Martha [Stewart, presumably]: her stuff is the cutest! I’m getting the faux bois pattern throw pillows, and the seaweed and coral candles!”

Ah, the real Jessica Cutler.