The “alternative crowd,” as the Washington Post’s Reliable Source dubs them, are having their own remembrance of the fortieth president tomorrow.

“In a release yesterday, Visions Bar Noir invites ’80s fans to ’party hardy’ and ’discuss the real highlights of the Reagan era: Star Wars, Bitburg, Iran Contra, AIDS, Say No To Drugs.’”

There will be a showing of two Reagan flicks: “Bedtime for Bonzo” (1951) and “The Killers” (1964).

I can remember when I was a lefty with bad taste who might have joined in such a “celebration.” But doesn’t it seem so hopelessly out of date? So bitter?

To take away the bad taste, read the WaPo’s Tom Shales (yes, Shales) account of the reception of Reagan’s body yesterday at the Rotunda:

“Nancy Reagan ran her hands over the flag-covered coffin, smoothing the fabric, then bending close as if speaking to the sleeping figure inside,” writes Shales. “To those watching at home, as millions undoubtedly were, it was not clear what she was saying, and yet the moment was still undeniably indelible, a moving part of the nation’s heartfelt farewell to Ronald Wilson Reagan as televised from California and Washington yesterday.”