Graduating UCLA student Ben Shapiro has been making a splash lately with his subtly titled “Brainwashed,” which documents the way many college campuses “indoctrinate America’s youth.” As the Associated Press puts it:

Ben Shapiro isn’t the only conservative railing against liberalism on America’s college campuses. But right now — thanks to a marketing campaign taking place mostly in cyberspace — he’s the one getting the most attention.

At 20, Shapiro graduates later this month from UCLA, where he has been best known for caustic columns in the campus paper.

But Shapiro also took careful notes in class, chronicling what he viewed as a pervasive liberal bias by professors who fed mostly unwitting students a steady diet of anti-Americanism.

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And in one of his recent columns, David Limbaugh interviewed Shapiro about his new book. Shapiro says:

Once you step on campus, you quickly realize that you have to take a stand. The first thing you notice is the campus newspaper– in my case, the UCLA Daily Bruin– comparing Ariel Sharon to Adolf Eichmann and Christian bookshops to pornography stores. The second thing you notice is that your class syllabus has “Roger and Me,” and your professor feels that socialism should take precedence over capitalism. The third thing you notice is the student groups passing out materials promoting promiscuous homosexuality, terrorism, and anti-Americanism.

I figured quickly that I needed to get involved somehow, and at least attempt to provide the other political perspective to the student body. I began writing a twice-monthly column for the Daily Bruin. Meanwhile, I was taking notes in all my classes, transcribing direct quotes from professors and writing down the date. Virtually all the anecdotes in my book are endnoted. After I applied for syndication with Creators Syndicate, and they hired me, I decided that it was time to write this book.

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