With Father’s Day this week, IWF looks at some commentary regarding the role of dads in today’s society.

Meet Today’s Dad: A Model to Avoid Cathy Seipp
Often this is a guy whose wife slaves away at an office job so dreamy artistic dad can pursue his dreamy artistic dreams. Sometimes he’s divorced; by his “I [HEART] Being a Dad” bumper stickers shall ye know him. And although he and his comrades seem particularly common around here, they seem to populate hip urban centers across the country. Silver Lake Dad is just the local version of a new paternal species I think of as Today’s Dad.

Air-Brushing Dads Out Of The Picture Carey Roberts
It’s an interesting coincidence that over the last 30 years, an unholy alliance of feminists and liberals has also targeted the traditional family for radical transformation. In particular, they put fatherhood into their ideological cross-hairs. Father Knows Best became an anathema.

Three Mothers Make Baby Nancy L. Jones
Perhaps you haven’t heard, but the doubt in some men’s minds regarding the age-old question “mother-baby, father-maybe?” may one day be forever removed. Results of a scientific experiment announced in April demonstrated that no paternal role was needed for the creation of a most uncommon baby mouse. The triumph of Japanese researchers, this mouse (named Kaguya) was the product of two female mice.

Corporate Support for Marriage Concerned Women for America
In our country, the percentage of children born outside of marriage has increased dramatically over the past six decades. In 1940, less than 4 percent of children were born out of wedlock. By 2002, over a third of the nation’s children were born outside of marriage. When all the evidence shows significant negatives on children’s well-being when families lack a father, the Lord & Taylor advertisement represents laudable corporate responsibility.

Return of the Guy Charlotte Allen
We will never forget the photos of them: the brawny young man in his helmet carrying the wounded young woman in his arms; the grizzled, mustachioed veteran fireman pausing a moment to peer up at an American flag that someone had planted at the site. These men were heroes, and even the worldly New Yorker magazine devoted several covers to honoring them.

The Decline of Males Lionel Tiger
With the sexual revolution there’s been a decline of males. One sign of this is that about a third of males are not active fathers of their children. You could say that they have the advantage of putting their genes into the future but get away with not having to pay the orthodontist. On the other hand, parenthood is part of the life cycle in an amazingly complicated way. To not be a father is a sign of real loss for the male.

Where Have All the Fathers Gone? Olivia Vlahos
Most societies have depended, not just upon Father himself, but upon groups of males to turn boys into good men. By good men we mean good fathers, protectors of women and children, and of a way of life.

Why a Good Man is Hard to Find Harvey Mansfield
In our new world of choice Dad seems to have gone, departed, left the scene, flown the coop. Many dads are literally gone, and they make up the statistics of male abandonment, the dead-beat dads whom we denounce. Other dads are physically present but are no longer really dads. They have lost their authority as dads and become something much smaller, feebler, and ridiculous. Sensitive males, they are: new-age guys.

XY Files IWF Panel
The undercurrent of their argument is that little boys need to be raised more like girls in order to offset the damage done by an “oppressive patriarchal society.” The IWF thinks quite the opposite.