Inky reader “Brittany” e-mails to say that she finds us refreshing (we like that!):

“I have recently found this website, and am amazed and impressed by what I see. This organization is full of woman with brains as well as common sense.

“I am in my freshman year in college and thought I was the only one who supports my gender but does not agree with todays feminists who degrade men, put themselves before their children, and think socialism is the answer to society’s problems.

“I am writing to discuss the pervasiveness of the liberal bias in todays colleges. At my college I am forced to listen to my professors’ opinions and constantly have socialism shoved down my throat. Students today need to receive an unbiased education and to obtain a well-rounded look at the world we will be entering, which includes being presented with both sides of world and national issues. This includes both liberal and (gasp) conservative ideas. I often find that I have to research on my own to get the whole picture, while I am constantly having liberal opinions drilled into me through the lectures and reading material.”

Fear not, Brittany, we at the IWF are constantly on the alert for instances of radical-left professors shoving their prejudices down students’ throats. Please, readers, forward us your campus outrages.

And reader B.C. loved Sex and the Classroom, by the IWF’s own Travis K. McSherley on our home page. Travis takes apart the pervasive media complacency toward the “hookup” culture of casual sex thas has replaced dating and flirting in our nation’s high schools. Kids as young as 15 collect notches on their belts. This culture, hailed as liberated and progressive by many in the media, coarsens boys–and harms girls, who yearn for affection and emotional attachment from the opposite sex. B.C. e-mails:

“This subject has been the topic of so many discussions/articles over the years, beginning with the so-called sexual revolution ‘ its parent. It’s the same topic as ‘sexual freedom”, taken several steps toward the worse. This can only mean we didn’t learn anything that we could pass on to the next generation.

“What was there to learn? The sexual revolution was a construct of men, like Hugh Hefner, who, incredibly, convinced women that they were actually making some sort of progress toward women’s independence when they were sexually ‘liberated.’ Not.

“What resulted made more progress for men’s sexual indulgences than for women’s independence….Sure, women have had the pill for 40 years, which has enabled us to ‘plan’ whether/when we want to have sex and/or children. But that ‘choice’ became distorted/skewed toward the ‘male value’ of sex for sex’s sake. A woman of course should be able to do with her body what she wants. As should a man. But being so different biologically, women and men are not predisposed to choose to do the same things with their bodies. Each sex is ‘designed’ for different purposes and with different abilities ‘ which, as well as we can compare apples to oranges, makes us equal! Indiscriminate/casual sex is of only very short-term benefit to a woman ‘ the physical pleasure of the moment ‘ and the risks far outweigh the benefits to a woman who cares about her sexual and emotional health and her ability to have a family someday.”

Travis’s article is a must-read.