Our intrepid Maureen Dowd Watcher, Catherine Seipp, has a hilarious piece in National Review on a new phenomenon: the Silver Lake Dad.

Silver Lake Dad may be the new face of fatherhood in America.

He takes his name from Silver Lake, the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood where Seipp lives.

Silver Lake is also “home to not only bohemians and gays but also to families who, although they voted against vouchers, still don’t want their kids sitting in a classroom filled with the masses; my neighborhood has one of the few public elementary schools in L.A. where most of the kids are middle class and speak English at home. We also have around half-a-dozen preschools within just a couple of miles. Because of all this, my neighborhood is also home to an earnest creature we locals know as Silver Lake Dad.”

It is often Silver Lake Dad rather than high-powered Silver Lake Mom who stays at home with the kids:

“Often this is a guy whose wife slaves away at an office job so dreamy artistic dad can pursue his dreamy artistic dreams. Sometimes he’s divorced; by his ‘I [HEART] Being a Dad’ bumper stickers shall ye know him. And although he and his comrades seem particularly common around here, they seem to populate hip urban centers across the country. Silver Lake Dad is just the local version of a new paternal species I think of as Today’s Dad.”

Read the whole piece and join Inkwell in asking: What is this world coming to?