Reader E.B. e-mails to say that InkWell regular Cathy Seipp’s article on “Silver Lake Dad,” the oh-so-sensitive artist or writer who stays home in the upscale boho ‘hood to mind the kids while Mom trundles off to her office job was too cruel a blow for Fathers’ Day. Cathy’s article originally appeared in National Review Online, but we linked it both on InkWell and in a choice Father’s Day package linked on our home page to which it’s not to late too link (see Today’s Dad: A Model to Avoid and other Father’s Day-theme articles by the IWF stable of sensible females).

E.B. writes:

“I am disappointed that the IWF has hopped on the father-bashing bandwagon by publishing the article on ‘Today’s Dad: A Model to Avoid.’ This is like ‘celebrating’ Mother’s Day by talking about all the mothers-to-be who commit abortions. Please, I think you should be more thoughtful in the future”

No, E.B. we don’t want all fathers to be like Today’s Dad–the kind of guy who never tells his son to grow up and be and man and always refers to himself as a “parent” and not a “father.” Honest–we love men! Just to prove it, The Other Charlotte has a link below today to New York Times writer Rick Marin’s hilarious essay about his refusal to buy into the “we’re pregnant” syndrome.

And reader W.E.W. comments on my post about the London warehouse fire that destroyed some $90 million (or so they said) worth of last year’s avant-garde art belonging to advertising mogul Charles Saatchi. (See my Artistic Judgment, June 18.) No one seemed to mourn the loss of such quickly forgotten 90s favorites as Chris Ofili’s dung-splattered Holy Virgin Mary–maybe because other people’s trash has replaced elephant poo-poo (so 90s!) as the hottest new artistic medium, as Alona Wartofsky reports in today’s Washington Post.

W.E.W. adds his own speculation about the Great London Fire:

“Ninety million dollars worth of warehoused art rubbing against a fire insurance policy. I call it spontaneous combustion.”